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  • Singapore Underwater Federation(SUF)

Established in 1973 the Singapore Underwater Federation SUF is a National Sports Association (NSA) affiliated with Singapore Sports Council (SSC), Singapore National Olympic Council (SNOC) and Singapore Environmental Council (SEC).
We are also members of Conferderation Mondiale Des Activities Subaquatiques (CMAS) and Asia Underwater Federation (AUF).

SUF Main focus is promote diving-snorkeling for all age groups as an affordable / safe sport and create environmental awareness.


Core Activities
1. Technical / Sport Diving
2. Sports
3. Scientific
Technical / Sport Diving
Sport DivingGet to know the benefits of CMAS’s diver training system. It offers an international framework for diver and instructor qualifications in scuba diving. As a non-profit organization our aim is to deliver quality education for divers at all levels.

sports1. Finswimming
2. Underwater Hockey
3. Underwater Rugby
To raise the profile of fin-swimming and underwater hockey and improve participation numbers. To grow and establish championships during premier event for the sport locally & leading to a High Performance sport.
ScientificTo support National conservation projects provided methods and management of the project is agreed upon by all stakeholders, and its objectives benefit the community as a whole by keeping nature areas for as long as possible.
To raise awareness and understanding of diving and sport medicine by endorsing courses/seminars/workshops on areas such as hyperbaric medicine, diving health and fitness, and dive medics.

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