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Our Ladies Team won Gold in the Asian Underwater Hockey



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Asian Underwater Hockey Championship 2013
By Roeswita Leono Liaw

To me, very few things can capture the essence of chemistry in sports the way underwater hockey does. To know exactly when and where your teammates will be, to know when and where you will have to be for your teammates, and all without uttering a single word. Being psychic may be overrated in this era of GPS, but really… as though that degree of precision was not high enough, you will also need to know when to breathe. And when to just suck it up and hold it in. I personally like to see it as a game of everlasting patchwork, making spaces, and filling in gaps to form a seamless whole.

At the end of a brilliant play, you find that you can’t quite ascribe it to a single individual; to anyone less than the entire team without feeling like you have diminished the meaning of your victory (possibly with your oxygen deprived brain). We won the Asian Underwater Hockey Championship last year, as a team.

2We are not the best that we can be yet (the beauty of potential after all, lies in the fact that while yet unrealized, it gives room for almost limitless capacity for growth) but we have certainly come a long way since we started out. We will be celebrating ten years of underwater hockey in Singapore this year. Let our victory be a tribute to that, because winning – as my captain so aptly put it- is but a natural outcome of a good, long and hard work.


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