Courses  and Competition

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Finswimming Competition

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In preparation to the coming 2021 SEA GAMES In Vietnam. SUF would be organising 3 Finswimming Championship : Finswimming Age Group and Finswimming National Open during January to April 2021.   Registered Finswimming Coaches and Club whom are keen to let their athletes to do tryout are to contact SUF for more information. for more details 



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snorkeling class is a great way to learn the proper techniques for snorkeling safely. You’ll learn how to: Properly fit, wear, and clear your mask. Clear your snorkel using both the blast and displacement method


underwater hockey

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GLearn and develop the skills of underwater hockey, a global non-contact sport in which teams compete to maneuver a puck across the bottom of a pool into goals. Players wear a diving mask, snorkel and swim fins, and use a short stick for playing the puck.


underwater rugby

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Underwater rugby you’ll be introduced to the basic rules of the game, positions and ball skills utilised to play, as well as equalising and safety aspects of underwater swimming

Our Group sessions

CMAS Open Water Diver

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$459/ Course

3 Pool Session

2 Open Water

Small Group

Finswimming Instructor

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$250Per Course

attachment 8 hr

Open for Dive Instructor

Qualified Swim Instructor

Compulsory Attachment

Scuba Tryout

Best Choice

$80/ session



Scuba Tryout

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Underwater Rugby Tryout

Come Try Rugby

$80/ monthly

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Learn to Play

Underwater Rugby


Underwater Hockey Tryout

Best Choice


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Learn to Play

Equipment Needed

Fins and Goggles