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The Technical Referece provides the requirements when in use of self-contained underwater breathing apparatus (SCUBA) for recreational diving. It applies to all levels of recreational divers, dive masters,
dive instructors, dive operators and any other agencies that may directly be involved in a diving session.
This reference defines the roles and responsibilities at all levels of involvement, requirements in specific diving activities and the minimum standards that have to be attained in ensuring good safety standards in
recreational diving.
The Technical Reference deals with recreational diving and provides a set of requirements to promote
uniformity of practice in relation to the occupational safety and health in the recreational diving industry.
This Techinical Reference is endorsed by the National Water Safety Council.
Is the TR for commercial diving?
This Technical Reference does not apply to work diving operations. For work diving, refer to the Code of
Practice for diving at work, Singapore Standard SS 511 : 2010
Is the TR a Singapore Standard?
This Technical Reference is made available for provisional application over a period of 2 years, but does not have a status of a Singapore Standard. The aim is to use the experience gained to modify the technical reference so that is can be adopted as a Singapore Standard.
When will the TR be a Singapore Standard?
At the end of 2 years, the Technical Reference will be reviewed by the Working Group to discuss the comments recieved and to determine its suitability as a Singapore Standard.
How can I help to make the TR a Singapore Standard?
You are invited to comment on its technical contents, ease of use and any ambiquities or anomalies.
These comments can be submitted using the feedback form provided at the end of the Technical Reference and will be taken into account in the review of the publication.

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