Why The Need For A Technical Reference?



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CMAS President Anna Arzhanova and Secretary GeneralHassan Baccouche, were at ADEX Singapore, from April 10 to 15, 2014. SUF invited CMAS Representatives to Singapore for the Asian Regional Meeting.Read More..


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Each year, we have an average of about 10 recreational diving incidents. While statistics does not point to any rising trend, these incidents often result in serious consequences. These can be prevented with better understanding and rigorous application of recreational diving safety requirements.
Licensed dive operators by established international dive training agencies are obliged to adopt the recreational diving training and operation standards such as are defined by these agencies. There are no
common national standards established locally. Under the national standardization programme, SPRING Singapore helps the industry to meet international standards and conformity requirements by creating
awareness of the importance of standardisation to enhance competitiveness and improve productivity, co -ordinating the development and use of Singapore Standards. Technical References will be developed
as a transition documents developed to help meet urgent industry demand for specifications or requirements.

Unlike Singapore Standards, they are issued for comments over a period of two years before assessment on their suitability for approval as Singapore Standards.
All comments are considered when a technical reference is reviewed at the end of two years to determine the feasibility of its transition to a Singapore Standard. Technical References can therefore become Singapore

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