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CMAS President Anna Arzhanova and Secretary GeneralHassan Baccouche, were at ADEX Singapore, from April 10 to 15, 2014. SUF invited CMAS Representatives to Singapore for the Asian Regional Meeting.Read More..


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Considerations for divers and dive operators.

Below are some points to consider for both divers and dive operators alike:
Is the dive operator affiliated with a reputable dive training organisation?
Such affiliations can provide some level of overview of the services provided. However, this cannot guarantee the safety of an operator as it is difficult for agencies to monitor operations, especially in distant places.

Is the quality of the breathing supplied acceptable? Y /  N
What are the condition of diving cylinders and valves? Y /  N
What are the conditions of the hire regulators, BCDs, wetsuits, masks, snorkels, boots and fins? Y /  N
Do they have appropriate oxygen equipment and are the staff adequately trained to provide oxygen first aid? Y /  N
Is this oxygen available at the dive site? Y /  N
Do they have a sufficient oxygen supply? Y /  N
Do they have appropriately trained and competent staff to provide oxygen and other first aid if required? Y /  N
Do they have an appropriate protocol in the event of an accident?     Y /  N
Is there an effective and reliable means of communication between the boat and the land base and/or emergency services and/or DAN? Y /  N
Do they provide adequate, clean drinking water on the dive boat?
Does the boat have sun protection? Y /  N
Does the dive boat have suitable, easily accessible and safe entry and exit points for divers?Y /  N
How many dives is too many?Y /  N
How do I know if I have decompression sickness?Y /  N
How can I prevent decompression sickness?Y /  N
What do I do if I think I have decompression sickness?Y /  N
Are decompression arrangements suitable for the type of diving?Y /  N
What is the level of underwater supervision provided/required?Y /  N


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