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Singapore Underwater Federation (SUF)
5 Soon Lee Street, #01-36, Pioneer Point
Singapore 627607, Tel: +65 62656358, +65 96875578



CMAS President Anna Arzhanova and Secretary GeneralHassan Baccouche, were at ADEX Singapore, from April 10 to 15, 2014. SUF invited CMAS Representatives to Singapore for the Asian Regional Meeting.Read More..


Queenstown 5m Depth Diving Pool is now open for booking!
Queenstown Dive Pool Booking
More Information. info@suf.org.sg



1. Why should we join the SUF?

Together, we can raise the profile of scuba diving as a safe sport

Instructed by qualified and competent professional and improve participation numbers

2. What do we get for joining the SUF?

An informative website for SUF members, for disseminating information and the council’s recommendation on specific industry topics. Enjoy our organized sporting competitions, scientific expeditions, conservation projects, technical workshops and seminars.

“ what we know, we will let you know” at SUF we get the latest information from the relevant authorities in Singapore for implementation and action.

3. How can we join the SUF?

There are 4 categories of Membership

4. What is SUF?

SUF, a National Sport Association (NSA) with the Singapore Sports Council (SSC), is the official governing body for recreation and sport diving activities in Singapore.

5. Who is running the SUF?

see Contacts

6. Can we get information from the SUF on diving related issues?

Yes, just click on contacts, the relevant office bearer with assist you or just email info@suf.org.sg for feedback or information

7. Can the SUF enhance my diving business?

We provide recommendations through the SUF National Operational Code of Practice (NOCOP) for recreational and sport diving in Singapore, on technical methods and procedures for conducting scuba diving and snorkeling activities and operations safely.

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