History of Singapore Underwater Federation


Singapore Underwater Federation was established in 1973, the Singapore Underwater Federation (SUF) is also the National Sports Association (NSA) governing Underwater Sports like Finswimming, Underwater Hockey, Underwater Rugby, Free-diving, Scuba Diving & Sport Diving in association with Sport Singapore. 

We are also members of Confédération Mondiale des Activités Subaquatiques, (CMAS) and Asian Underwater Federation (AUF)  http://www.cmasasia.org  

Singapore Underwater Federation main focus is to promote Scuba Diving & Snorkelling for all Age groups at an affordable rate and also Safe Underwater Sports and also to Create Environmental Awareness.

We also want to grow and establish Underwater Championships during premier event for the Sports like Finswimming, Underwater Hockey, Underwater Rugby, Free-Diving locally & leading to a High Performance Underwater Sport for Singapore

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FINSWIMMINGe mean the progression with monofin or with two fins either on the surface or underwater, by means of the swimmers’ muscular force only and without use of any mechanism, not even muscle powered. For underwater disciplines with breathing euipment, only compressed-air sub-aqua equipment is allowed.  Finswmming competitions are conducted on both swimming pool and open waters. Competitions in swimming pools future short distance races, while long distance races are conducted in open waters.

Four techniques are used for finswmming, and races are conducted separately for all techniques.

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