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About SUF

Singapore Underwater Federation was established in 1973, the Singapore Underwater Federation (SUF) is also the National Sports Association (NSA) governing Underwater Sports like Finswimming, Underwater Hockey, Underwater Rugby, Free-diving, Scuba Diving & Sport Diving in association with Sport Singapore. 

We are also members of Confédération Mondiale des Activités Subaquatiques, (CMAS) and Asian Underwater Federation (AUF)  Welcome CMAS ASIA

SUF main focus is to promote Scuba Diving & Snorkelling for all Age groups at an affordable rate and also safe underwater Sports and Create Environmental Awareness.

We would also want to grow and establish Underwater Championships during premier event for the Sports like Finswimming, Underwater Hockey, Underwater Rugby, Free-Diving locally & leading to a High Performance Underwater Sport for Singapore.

underwater SPort for beginners

Finswimming , Underwater Hockey , Underwater Rugby , Freediving

Feel free to contact us for more information

COMMITTEE 2018 -2020


President : Mr Yip Kwan Guan

Vice President : Mr Andre Nichol Christian

Honorary Secretary : Mr Ryan Lim

Honorary Treasurer : Ms Chris Lin Suyan

National Sports Officer : Mr Jacky Yap

National Diving Officer : Mr Terrence Chew

National Scientific Officer : Mr Gary Lee

Social Officer : Mr Ho Ho Huat Desmond

Information Officer : Mr Idu Jion


Mr Douglas Yeo

Sterling Underwater Hockey

First Asian UnderWater Rugby

Apnea Academy Singapore


Apnea Free-diving

Coming Soon

Underwater Hockey

Coming Soon

Underwater Rugby

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Finswimming Training

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