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Finswimming Sport

Underwater has one discipline offered in The World Games: Finswimming. This event is a sport involving swimming with the use of fins (either monofins or bi-fins) on the water’s surface using a snorkel, or underwater with a monofin by holding one’s breath. There are 3 categories of Finswimming in The World Games: Apnoea, Surface and Bi-fins .

Underwater Rugby

Underwater rugby is played in a pool were the lenght is between 12-22m, the width is between 8-12m and the depth is between 3.5 – 5m. The game consists of 15 minutes halves with a five minutes half time break. Each team is allowed to take one 60 seconds time out per game. The game clock stops for any infringements during the game.

CMAS Scuba Diving Course

The CMAS has developed a CMAS International Diver Training Certification System that consists of Diver, Speciality Diver, Technical Diver and Leadership Diver Training Standards and which allows divers,that have been trained in accordance with the prescribed CMAS International Diver Training Standards, to have their certifications recognised throughout the world in countries that are members of the CMAS family of divers.