Underwater Hockey

About Underwater Hockey

The British Navy invented underwater hockey in the 1950’s to keep their divers fit and to improve their ability to move and work efficiently under water. The game came to Australia shortly after and has evolved into a fast, dynamic sport, played in more than 20 countries. Underwater hockey is played in a 25m x 15m pool that is between 2 – 4 m deep.

The game consists of 15 minutes halves and a three minutes half time. Each team is allowed one 60 seconds time out per half. The game clock stops for any infringements in the lasr 2 minutes of the game.

Each side has 12 players, 10 of who can play in any one game. During the game 6 players are in the pool with 4 interchange players on the side who can sub at any time. The players wear large fins, a diving mask and snorkel and a thick glove made from latex to protect the hand from the pool bottom and the puck. The top players can flick the puck well over 3m and it comes off the bottom enough to go over another player.

The puck is made of lead and is coated with plastic, it weighs about 1.5 kg.

The teams start at each end of the pool with one hand on the wall. The puck is in the middle of the pool. When the referee souds the buzzer both teams race to get possession of the puck. There is a goal tray at each end of the playing area; it is 3m long with a slope from the front into a shallow trough at the back wall. The puck must pass through the goal volume for a team to score the goal.

There are many team configurations but generally a team has 3 forwards; a strike and 2 wings and 3 backs; 2 half backs and a full back. The idea is to keep possession of the puck and outwit your opponents by using skill, speed, manoeuvrability and breathe hold.

The rules of Underwater Hockey are fairly simple. Basically it is a non contact sport, a player cannot interfere with another player with their free hand. There is no off side rule howevre shepherding and obstruction is not allowed. The puck must not rest on the glove or be carried on top of the bat or stopped deliberately by anything other than the bat.

Any infringement of the rules is judged by the 2 in water Referees who signal to the out of water referre to sound the buzzer to stop play. Depending on the seriousness of the foul the Referees can award a free puck giving a 3m advantage to the disadvantaged team or can eject players for 1or 2 minutes or for the reminder of the game. If a foul has stopped a certain goal with 3m of the goal then the Referees can award a penalty 2 on 1, or just award a penalty goal.

The competitions in Underwater Hockey range for club to National to World titles. Every 2 years a World Championship is held around April or May. Every other year Australia, New Zealand and South Africa compete in a Tri – Nations cup. There are under 19 years teams, open men’s and women’s teams and masters teams (over 35 for men and over 32 for women).

Underwater Hockey is a great sport for all ages, shapes and sizes. Quite a few of us have been playing for well over 10 years. It is a sport that does not cause the injuries from running, stopping suddenly or being run into! Mets face it, you can’t fall down. It is a sport that continues to grow and which keeps it players interested. Each game is different, each player must overcome their opponent, moving in water, controlling the ouck and the innate need to breathe. Teamwork and anticipation is essential an d al ot of communication goes before and after the games.

The game is 3D, how you play is only limited by your imagination.

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Selection Criteria for SEA GAMES 2019

1.1. The 30th SEA Games (SEAG 2019) will be held in Manila from 30 Nov – 11 Dec 2019.
1.2. Singapore Underwater Federation – Underwater Hockey Committee (UWHS) intends to
nominate athletes to SNOC in the following events;
1.2.1. Men’s 6v6 Underwater Hockey Team Event
1.2.2. Men’s 4v4 Underwater Hockey Team Event
1.2.3. Women’s 6v6 Underwater Hockey Team Event
1.2.4. Women’s 4v4 Underwater Hockey Team Event

2.1. This policy sets out the process and criteria for selection into the SEAG 2019 Underwater
Hockey Team(s) as well as the obligations of nominated athletes.
2.2. The Key dates for this exercise are outlined in Annex (A)
2.3. This policy may be amended at any time if SUF/UWHS is of the opinion that such an
amendment is necessary. SUF will publish this policy (and any amendments) on the SUF
website at www.suf.org

3.1. The Selection Committee shall be appointed by UWHS and ratified by SUF Exco.
3.2. The Selection Committee shall comprise of a separate 3 person panel for the Men’s Team(s)
and Women’s Team(s).
3.3. The Selection Committee shall be responsible for organizing and monitoring the selection
3.4. The Selection Committee will select the final list of athletes to be nominated to the SNOC
based on the selection criteria detailed in Annex (B).
3.5. The Selection Committee is entitled, within this policy and for extenuating circumstances,
to exercise their discretion to nominate athletes for SEAG 2019 provided that they can
demonstrate that such discretionary action(s) are conducted with integrity and the process
taken are reasonable and justifiable.
3.6. The list of nominated athletes will be distributed to all members of the training squad 3 weeks before they are due for submission to SNOC.
3.7. All appeals with regards to nomination are to be directed to the SUF Exco within 7 days of the list of nominated athletes being distributed. All appeals must be resolved by the submission of nominated athletes deadline stipulated by SNOC.
3.8. The SNOC is the body which selects the athletes for the Games. All appeals by athlete(s) and/or SUF shall be directed to The SNOC and the Final Decision for participation at SEAG 2019 rests solely with the SNOC.


To be considered for selection, a UWH athlete must meet all of the following eligibility criteria
and maintain them through the SEAG 2019:
4.1. Be a Singapore citizen, eligible to represent Singapore.
4.2. Be a current member of a club/association affiliated to SUF
4.3. Have a signed, current, SUF Athlete Agreement.

Athletes are required to comply with the following :
5.1. To maintain a positive and cooperative attitude at all training and competitions events.
5.2. Complete the supervised fitness benchmarking each month.
5.3. Attend all weekly training sessions as per Annex (A)
5.4. Attend all training camps, domestic or otherwise, designated as required attendance by coaching panel.
5.5. Attend all competitions, domestic or otherwise, designated as required by coaching panel.
Participation in competitions not designated by coaching panel are subject to prior written
approval by coaching and selection panel.
5.6. Athletes are required to comply with Anti-Doping requirements and participate willingly in
sample collections for Doping Tests conducted by Anti-Doping Singapore (ADS), pursuant to
WADA, IOC and/or CMAS policies.

Removal of Athletes
6.1. An athlete selected as a member of an UWHS national training squad or national team
participates at the discretion of the SUF-UWHS Athlete Selection Committee and may be
removed from the squad or team by written notification forwarded to the athlete
Cause for removal from a national training squad or national team may include but is not
limited to:
6.1.1. Injury that prevents on going participation ( to be verified by a SportSG approved
6.1.2. Refusal to submit or failure of a drug test
6.1.3. Performance, attitude or discipline deemed unsatisfactory by Coaches, Captains or
6.1.4. Violation of athletes’ agreement and code of conduct
6.1.5. Conduct unbecoming of a representative of Singapore or the SUF and Underwater
Hockey Singapore.
6.1.6. Failure to participate in scheduled events or competitions without the prior
approval of the SUF-UWHS Athlete Selection Committee Should an athlete remove themselves under 6.2, the SUF-UWHS Selection committee reserves the right to suspend an Athlete from further selection for a period of its choosing. Athletes may remove themselves from the National Training Squad or National Team by written request to the SUF-UWHS Selection Committee 6.3. Should an athlete remove themselves under 6.2, the SUF-UWHS Selection committee reserves the right to suspend an Athlete from further selection for a period of its choosing

Replacement Policy
7.1. Should a member of the National Training Squad need to be replaced due to dismissal or
withdrawal, the SUF-UWHS Selection Committee shall draft athletes in as they see fit.
7.2. Should a member of the National Team need to be replaced due to dismissal or withdrawal,
the SUF-UWHS Selection Committee shall select the replacement from the National
Training Squad on a “Best Fit” policy.

8.1. Correspondence related to the matters in this document are to be submitted to
Singapore Underwater Hockey
c/o Singapore Underwater Federation