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Personal Data Protection Policy

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SUF adheres to Personal Data Protection Act 2012 (the “PDPA”) which is aimed to protect personal data collected while enabling SLSS to use the submitted personal data in a necessary and appropriate manner to serve you. SUF undertakes the responsibility to properly manage, protect and process personal data in its possession.

For purposes of this SUF Policy, the term “individual” shall include the legal guardian of SUF’s client who is a minor or a person who is not legally capable of managing his/her affairs.

1. Personal data

  1. Personal data’ means Personal Data as defined under PDPA.
  2. SUF will take necessary measures to carefully administer and safeguard your data safe by:
  1. processing and keeping your data with confidentiality and adequate security measure(s)
  2. limiting access of your data to only authorized SUF Officer and/or personnel who is related to matter concerned
  3. sharing with other authorized/relevant personnel/organization of your data only for a valid matter/reason, with only necessary details (e.g. name, contact number) to be disclosed.

2. Consent from an Individual

2.1 By signing our forms and taking part in our activities, you consent to your personal data being collected, which data will be used for lifesaving and other activities in line with our organizational objectives.

3. Collection, use and disclosure without consent

3.1 SUF may use or disclosed your personal data without your consent if the use is necessary for any purpose which is:

  1. clearly in the interests of the individual, if consent for its use cannot be obtained in a timely way or the individual would not reasonably be expected to withhold consent;
  2. to respond to an emergency that threatens the life, health or safety of the individual or another individual;
  3. the personal data is publicly available;
  4. in the national interest;
  5. to comply with the law, including disclosing submitted personal information in response to a request made by any government authority or regulator.

You hereby consent to all such use and disclosure of submitted personal information by SUF.