(a) Ordinary Member $100.00 (Diving Clubs & Societies Registered under ROS)

(b) Corporate Member $150.00 ( Diving Companies, Corporates, etc, & Registered under ACRA)

(c) Associate Member – $100.00 ( Diving Instructor)

(d) Associate Member – $50.00 (Individual Divers, Free Diver)

Annual Subscriptions

(a) Ordinary Member : TBA

(b) Corporate Member : TBA

(c) Active Instructor Member : TBA

(d) Sustaining Instructor : TBA

(e) Associate Member TBA

Note : Any member who fails to pay the annual subscription fee within sixty (60) days after the same becomes due and payable, shall cease to be a member.

Correspondence Payment

C/O : Singapore Underwater Federation

No 5, Soon Lee Street, #01-36, Pioneer Point
Singapore 627607